The trip is ten days long and tours from the north to the south of Israel. We visit Tiberias, Safed, the Galilee region, the Lebanese border, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea, Masada, and the Negev Desert. The trip may also visit the Golan Heights. We tour Yad Vashem (the world center for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust), Independence Hall, the Western Wall and the Old City of Jerusalem, and other important sites. We socialize at the beaches and nightclubs of Tel Aviv, on hikes through Israel’s valleys and mountains, and during free time in Israel’s most popular markets and bazaars.

We meet with scholars and policymakers to discuss complex issues and learn about the State of Israel, its peoples, Jewish history and culture, Judaism, the land, and the Middle East region in general. We also meet with liberal arts college alumni, who live in Israel as professors, businesswomen, activists, and political advisers. And of course, we meet with Israelis: young and old, across the political spectrum.


Sample Itinerary:


Day 1

  • Welcome to Israel!
  • Opening activity


Day 2

  • Travel up north
  • Hike Mt. Bental, a dormant volcano with panoramic views of the Golan and Syria
  • Head to Katzrin in the Golan Heights
  • Hear an Israel update with Miri Eisen


Day 3

  • Jeep riding tour!
  • Head to the Lebanon border to Kibbutz Misgav Am
  • Leisure night in the seaside city of Tiberias


Day 4

  • Old city tour of  mystical Tzfat
  • Speak with Kabbalistic artist Avraham Leventhal
  • Drive to Jerusalem
  • Meet with Zohar Raviv


Day 5

  • Politics tour with Professor Kimhi
  • Walk around Machene Yehuda Market
  • Prep for Shabbat
  • Leave to the Old City
  • Shabbat services at the Kotel
  • Dinner in the Jewish Quarter


Day 6

  • Group Shabbat
  • Kiddush and group activities
  • Shabbat lunch at local families
  • Shopping on Ben Yehuda Street


Day 7

  • Jewish Quarter tour in the Old City
  • Kotel tunnel tour to see the rest of the hidden Western Wall
  • Meet with Fursan Hussian


Day 8

  • Travel to Israel’s Holocaust Museum – Yad Vesham
  • Meet with Aliza Tennenbaum, a Holocaust survivor
  • Go up to Mt. Herztel
  • Leisure night in Tel Aviv


Day 9

  • Shop at the Azrieli Mall
  • Visit Independence Hall
  • Spend time on an Army base
  • Enjoy some Bedouin Hospitality
  • Hang out around a Bonfire


Day 10

  • Camel riding
  • Visit Masada, an ancient fortress in southern Israel’s Judean Desert
  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • Good bye dinner in Jerusalem


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