About Us

The best way to learn about our trip is to read first-hand thoughtful reflections from past participants. Visit our BirthWrite Blog here!

The Liberal Arts Trip is exclusively for students and alumni from top liberal arts colleges. It is an unforgettable introduction to Israel that fits firmly within the liberal arts tradition: this ten-day experience strives to be a well-rounded, rigorous education that is always challenging, always self-critical, and always pushing boundaries. Of course, all the fun aspects of Israel are also included: all-night parties in Tel Aviv, floating in the Dead Sea, camel riding in the Negev Desert, bargaining in Middle Eastern bazaars, and much, much more.

We believe liberal arts college students are most at home in this sort of community of peers. We also believe that many characteristics of the liberal arts tradition are easily identifiable as classically Jewish, grounded in Jewish law, ethics, and philosophy. This trip offers a Taglit-Birthright Israel experience specifically tailored to like-minded students from a liberal arts background. The trip is designed by a board of liberal arts college students, alumni, and professors. Past trip participants provide invaluable input as well.