Liberal Arts Advantage


Dive into the melting pot of Israel culture: eat Middle Eastern food, experience Bedouin hospitality, and befriend native Israelis. Camp out in the Negev desert under the same Arabian night sky as dozens of Middle Eastern peoples.

Exclusive: Learn about the tensions in Israeli society over cultural assimilation and racial integration, the Sephardi, Russian, and Arab civil rights movements, and the Ethiopian and Eritrean immigration controversies.


Meet Israeli thinkers across the political spectrum. Learn how the Great Books of the Jewish tradition are studied alongside the Great Books of the Western tradition. Discover how Israeli scientists and engineers have earned Nobel Prizes for their research.

Exclusive: Learn how gender, class, ethnicity, citizenship, and military service affect educational opportunity.


Soak in the natural beauty of the Jewish homeland. Hike the desert and countryside trails, scale the Masada mountaintop fortress, and float in the Dead Sea.

Exclusive: Learn why Israel is the world leader in environmental technology. See how drip irrigation, sustainable farming and wind and solar power have established Israeli entrepreneurship as a global model.


Delve into Jewish law, mysticism, and tradition in the heart of the Holy Land. Meet with rabbis and legal scholars, both religious and secular. Learn how classic Jewish texts apply to life in modern Israel. Connect with Judaism according to your own custom.

Exclusive: Experience a Jerusalem Shabbat at the Western Wall.


Explore Middle Eastern markets, alleys, and trade hubs. Bargain with merchants, shop for hidden gems, and meet Israelis from all walks of life.


All participants will receive a bound collection of articles regarding Israel, Judaism, the Jewish people, and the Palestinian people. Optional readings pertain to specific site visits, complementing the information presented by the tour guide (one of Israel’s finest). The readings are available before the trip begins, and future reading suggestions are made at the trip’s conclusion.


Tour the ancient cities of Jerusalem, Caesaria, Jaffa, Tsfat, and Tiberias. Explore everything from Roman architectural feats and Crusader fortresses to Ottoman towns and the ancient Israelite City of David.


Exclusive: Learn about the controversial status of Jerusalem and Palestinian statehood, and about competing claims for sovereignty throughout the region.


Enjoy a swim in the spring-fed pools of Ein Gedi, a popular site for relaxation since biblical times. Experience the Tel Aviv nightlife and beaches. Party with Israelis!

This is an enhanced trip that has all the fun other Taglit-Birthright Israel trips do, plus more!


Learn the history of the US-Israel relationship. Discuss the narratives at play in local and regional conflicts. Ask the hard questions about Israeli politics and Israel’s failures and successes as a member of the international community.

Exclusive: Meet liberal arts college alumni and hear their views on progressive activism in Israel. Hear the stories of like-minded students who moved to Israel to change it and themselves